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Club Fitting is one of the most influential parts of a great player being great. Brad Fellers, Taylormade's 2019 Fitter of the year and member of the National Fitters Council, is known for his proven system of fitting clubs. Brad has refined a unique process of testing golf equipment to build a fitting system that allows a fitting to get deeper into the fitting process rather than testing models that will not work. Using radar units such as Trackman and Flightscope, our fitters measure over twenty parameters of a shot and fit the proper equipment for players of all skill levels. With a BFES fitting experience, players get a fit that is truly tailored to their individual needs. 


BFES has revolutionized the fitting experience by going mobile! At a fitting event, the team at Brad Fellers Elite Services will bring a second-to-none selection of fitting equipment, premium golf balls, top of the line radar technology, and an award-winning team to fit you for clubs. Check out the links below to find an event near you!

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