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Brad Fellers became a PGA Member in 1997 after completing a degree in Marketing / Professional Golf Management from New Mexico State University.  After a career as a Club Professional and Playing Professional, he landed back in his home state of Indiana to begin his Teaching & Fitting Career.

Twenty years and 20,000+ appointments later, he is ready to offer his award-winning services to his clients in a mobile format.  Forming partnerships with multiple facilities, he brings his expertise to these facilities throughout the season, allowing the client to experience Brad Fellers' elite service in the comfort of their own club, course, or part of the state with limited travel.

Brad offers the ability to take a lesson, get fit for a club, or buy equipment with some of the proceeds from your purchase going directly to your club.  You can buy your equipment anywhere, but only a purchase from Brad Fellers Elite Services benefits your facility!

Look for Brad at your golf course, club, or your town, and see why so many players trust Brad's experience as a player, fitter, and instructor to make their games the best they can be!

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